Heavy Duty Parallettes

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Heavy Duty Parallettes

Introducing our Heavy-Duty Beech Wood and Steel Parallettes Set – a combination of strength, style, and functionality. Crafted with calisthenics in mind, these parallettes combine the robustness of steel with the timeless beauty of beech wood to create a fitness essential that's both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Engineered for both fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes, these parallettes offer a heavier-duty construction, ensuring stability and reliability during the most demanding workouts. The fusion of black-coated steel and beech wood not only provides a sleek, modern look but also guarantees unmatched durability for long-lasting performance.

Hampton's Note: These tend to slide a bit more on smooth surfaces like wood. They perform better on higher-friction surfaces like earth or gym flooring. The wooden parallettes feel more solid on smooth surfaces (linked below).

Product Dimensions:

8.26" x 6.5" x 4.8" (L x W x H)

5.5 lbs

Intended for indoor use only. 

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