1. When does my package arrive? 

A: Including handling, our delivery times are between 2 to 30 days (Depending on the country and shipping option chosen). On most products, we have 2-day delivery in the US!

This varies a bit based on region, product, and stock. During checkout, delivery estimates are given before you pay! You can check if the times are suitable for your needs.


2. I live in a remote country, can I still buy from your store?

A: Yes you can. We ship worldwide. In case we find problems delivering to your location, we'll let you know and find a solution for this. 


3. Why does shipping cost so much right now?

A: Sorry about the shipping! We wish it were less. In fact, we wish we could ship it for free.

Our shipping cost goes toward paying our fulfillment company. And they pay the shipping companies (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc). This is how our cost is determined.

So the cost goes toward paying the people who ship the product. We're never looking to get rich off shipping.

When possible, we offer some DIY and free alternatives if your country costs too much in shipping!


4. Why is international shipping so costly?

A:  Again, we wish it were free to ship but unfortunately it is not. While shipping in general is more costly these days, shipping internationally even more so.

Some of the contributing factors include a shortage of cargo ships, shipping containers, workforce to move the products and an overall increase in demand. We hope you can understand and know that we are trying our very best.


5. How do you choose your products?

 A: We test multiple models and manufacturers to find the best source. We maintain high quality standards while retaining affordability for you.

For example, if a manufacturer of gymnastic rings uses weak wood, they're rejected. It's out of the question.

However, if we chose to make our rings out of, say, mahogany instead of birch, that would cost substantially more (for everyone) without any functional difference.


6. Why do some fitness products look the same?

A: Some manufacturers are already experienced in making something like, say, a pullup bar. We find the good manufacturers and make changes to the product as necessary.

For example, the pullup bar we currently sell is the same style as the one has Hampton used in his doorway for over a decade!

Some companies prefer to make substantial changes to make a product more unique - usually at a high upcharge. This isn't necessarily bad, but isn't our primary focus.

That said, if you want a product with any specific helpful features - send us a message! We're open to ideas.


7. Are your products drop shipped?

A: At the time of writing (February 2023), none of our main fitness products, books, or shirts are drop shipped.

We try to avoid drop shipping because of long shipping times, lack of customization, and lack of quality control.

Our products come from warehouses throughout the US and ship around the world.

We offer 2-Day delivery within many parts of the US on items like gym rings, pullup bars, and resistance bands.

Read more on drop shipping here.


8. Why haven't I received my tracking number?

A: At the moment, our packages have to go through different safety checkpoints before our carrier takes them for delivery. It might take some days before you receive your tracking number (It varies depending on the product). But don't worry, you'll receive it shortly.


9. How do I know where my package is?

A: You can use our "Track your Package" feature in this website so you can check the status of your products at any time.


10. My package has been stuck in the same step on the tracking app for a long time, is something wrong?

A: No, there is nothing wrong. We know it can be a little stressful, but this usually means that your package is in transit. The airlines receive your products and the next update we receive is when it arrives to the destination country. This is why it might take a while before you receive a new update.


11. My package is taking more than 30 days to arrive, what is going on?

A: We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We promise 30 days delivery, but in some cases our carriers take more than 30 days because of certain problems. As the world adjust to Covid-19, the delivery are gettng slower because of the high demand. We promise we are doing everything we can to reduce this shipping times, and trust us, we keep our promises. 

We guarantee 2 month delivery or full refund.


12. I'm still anxious about my purchase, what can I do?

A: We have a support team always ready to help. Please write to support@hybridcalisthenics.com so they can help you with any other question you have.