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Gymnastic rings are an extremely versatile upper-body training tool.
They can be hung over any secure rafter, pipe, or tree branch for pull-ups, dips, leg raises, core exercises, pushups, and more!

Wooden rings are often considered more comfortable.

Our gymnastic rings can be adapted to assist in training your entire body. By assisting with their arms, practitioners can even learn advanced lower-body movements like the pistol squat.

How to install?


Our gymnastic rings can be installed within minutes. You may choose a secure bar or structure from which to hang the straps. The rings are easily transportable, so you may easily set them up anywhere you travel.

Step 1: Press the buckle button.

Step 2: Run the nylon straps through the serrated buckles below the button while pressing the buckle button.

Step 3: Keep pressing the button and pull the straps to your ideal position.



Rings: Birch wood; raw material
Straps: Heavy-duty nylon
Buckles: Solid steel.
Rings: Ring inner diameter: 17.5 cm (6.9"); Ring outer diameter: 23.5 cm (9.25") (international standard); Max Capacity weight 300kg (660lbs). 150kg per Ring. 
Straps: belt length: 5.73 m(18’8") ; belt width : 2.5 cm(1")
Package includes: 2 X Gymnastic Rings; 2 X  Straps & Solid Steel Lock Buckles. 
*International Customers: There may be additional duty or import taxes when your package arrives, we are working on this for the future. We appreciate your understanding.