Have A Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day Clothing is a new apparel line from Hampton Liu of Hybrid Calisthenics.

There are three main reasons for this endeavor:

1.) This can help and highlight the incredibly talented artists in our community by bringing attention to them and showcasing their beautiful designs.

2.) This can raise money for charitable causes the community wants to help. We have a fairly large community and can make a great impact. May's designs will benefit St. Jude's Children's hospital.

3.) This will benefit the Hybrid Calisthenics brand and allow us to make more content, hire more people, and spread our message.


The primary design will be sold here on this store: https://shop.hybridcalisthenics.com/products/have-a-beautiful-day-shirt-spring-2021

Other styles and colors will be provided via the Bonfire store where most of the apparel is sold: https://www.bonfire.com/store/hybridcalisthenics/

10% of all sales are going to be collected and donated to St. Jude's Children's hospital. Designs will be for a limited time so be sure to snatch one up if you love what you see. And as always, have a beautiful day! 


 First Design for Spring 2021

Our first shirt for the launch of Have A Beautiful Day will be the Coffee Wink design created by community member Aria Aulia. Please show some love and support on their Instagram

Alongside the exclusive Stone Grey color available here on the Hybrid Calisthenics store, we will be offering other colors, styles, and designs on our Bonfire page. 

Lily Design

Floral Coffee Design
Floral Coffee Design Link