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News And Updates on Gym Ring Orders

 Hello to all of you wonderful people out there. This is Jamie from the support team at Hybrid Calisthenics and on behalf of Hampton and I we wanted to give a quick update about the status of the pre-orders of the gym rings.

 We tried to make it clear that they were pre-orders and that they would be shipping out in early February. This was the original intention and plan. As of right now we are still waiting for our supply for our bulk order to be delivered and believe us, we are just as frustrated as you! We keep checking the updates every day and we honestly expected them before now.

 I know it is getting later into the month and it is difficult to wait. We understand this. As stated on the product page about the process of pre-ordering, all of those who pre-ordered the rings will be getting free stickers as well as a discount code of 10% of their next order.

 We greatly appreciate your patience as we diligently work toward fulfilling these orders as well as securing a much faster supplier for the future. If you have placed a pre-order and are unsatisfied with the wait we understand that too and if you contact us at we will work with you to cancel your order and issue you a complete refund.

 We greatly appreciate your time and patience in working with us as we try this new venture and hopefully get better at it every day. Thank you and please keep checking back here on the new announcements/news blog we are creating to better communicate with you our valued customers. 


Have a Beautiful Day,


Hampton & Jamie